25 July 2008

Uncommon Commentary #14

Why should attempted murder be punished less severely than murder, thus effectively rewarding someone for having failed in his attempt to kill?

Uncommon Commentary #13

If "feminists" oppose sexual exploitation, why have they always done things to promote it, such as helping to launch the "sexual revolution?"

Uncommon Commentary #12: Atmos-Pheremongering

I think that simply because Al Gore has recast himself as a (false) prophet of ecological apocalypse—Yes, “recast”; who ever heard a word from Gore about ecology until it became the trendy cause of the 1990's?—people assume that he has expertise in the subject of alleged climate change; he has none, though. He's just a demagogue who realizes that the dispensing of alarmist propaganda reaps great rewards (for instance, the multiplication of his net monetary worth, since leaving office, from $2 million to $100 million) from those whose ignorance makes them susceptible to hysteria, and who thus listen to him rather than to the real experts, i.e., professional meteorologists and climatologists, among whom his view not only has not ended the debate over "global warming" (contrary to Al G.'s arrogant pronouncement to the US Congress), but is actually losing said debate.

01 July 2008

Uncommon Commentary #11

During his "major speech on race," Barack Obama said: "I can no more disown him (his "spiritual mentor," Jeremiah Wright) than I can disown the Black community." Now that he has disowned Rev. Wrong, has he also disowned the "Black community?"