14 October 2008

Uncommon Commentary #29

I already knew that Democratic nominee Obama is a left-wing nut, but now I know precisely which kind: an acorn.

08 October 2008

Uncommon Commentary #28

I know some Democrats who are respectable persons, but they, sadly, are the exception to the rule. The party in general has become a rabblement of liars, libertines, hypocrites, and commissars.

Miscellaneous Musing #10

Why is the "c" in the second syllable of "Connecticut" silent? The reason why this same letter goes unsounded in another place-name, that of the ancient city Ctesiphon, is that we've borrowed the Latin spelling but Anglicized the pronunciation. "Connecticut," by contrast, comes from an American Indian language, which would not have been written anyway at the time that the word was adopted into English. If the word is merely spoken in the same way as the Indians would have done, what the heck is that second "c" doing there?