23 February 2017

Uncommon Commentary #531: Anti-Religious Fanaticism

I hope that I never lose my faith; if I do, though, I hope that I remain respectful of spiritual beliefs, that I recognize the natural need for the supernatural.  The last thing that I want to become is one of those obnoxious militant atheists, who evidently will settle for nothing less than a total ban on public religious expression.

13 February 2017

Uncommon Commentary #530

Tendency to be judgmental (for which word, in most of its appearances of in this u.c., "intolerant" can be substituted) is a problem today, as it has been throughout history, but it is important to understand which behavior qualifies as "judgmental" and which does not.  Distinguishing between right and wrong is not being judgmental.  Reproaching for sin someone who has committed what Scripture calls a sin is not being judgmental; rather, it is relating a judgment that has been made by our divine judge, God.  The worst way to be actually judgmental, but one that is becoming increasingly common, is to behave judgmentally toward those that you call judgmental!