26 August 2010

Uncommon Commentary #125: Obama, the "Anal" in "Analogy"

On his taxpayer-financed tour of electoral hot spots, during which Emperor Nerobama has sought to "help" his party retain control of the houses of Congress by associating local Democrats with himself—Does he even realize how widely detested he's become, or does he, like other leftists, blame the manifest waning of his popularity on pollsters like Rasmussen?—he has used a metaphor that he, doubtless, considers very clever: he tells voters that we need to keep the car (representing our economy) in D(emocrat) gear in order to drive out of the ditch that our economy is in, and that putting it into R(epublican) gear will only keep us in the ditch.  There is, however, a flaw in his analogy.  As is known to anyone whose automobile has ever gotten stuck, staying in D usually just keeps you spinning your wheels; switching into R is often what needs to be done so that the car can then be moved forward.