30 December 2010

Uncommon Commentary #143: Doesn't He Feel Guilty Putting His Fellow Drones to Work?

Of all the things that Emperor Nerobama has done, the one that might conceivably be regarded as a credit to him is his permitting drone attacks against militants in the tribal areas of Pakistan; even this, however, is not really a reason for commendation, although the strikes themselves are laudable.  It's not as if our current president came up with the idea for this campaign, which is a CIA operation, and which was ongoing when his predecessor occupied the Oval Office; the number of these assaults has increased under Obombast, but that increase can be attributed merely to the worsening of the situation on the Afghan border since the changing of the guard in the White House, and to the fact that the Bush administration's ultimate success in the counter-insurgency in Iraq has freed intelligence operatives (who identify the drones' targets) to concentrate on the Afghanistan-Pakistan theatre of the struggle versus terrorists.  Besides this, why should presidential authorization even be required for the launching of missiles from a drone?  The US Army Air Force didn't need Franklin Roosevelt's signature on every order for the bombing of Axis countries during World War II, and, as has repeatedly been said, we are now in a war on terror.  A more capable commander-in-chief than either Bush or Obombast would not micro-manage this war from the District of Columbia, but instead delegate power to his commanders in the field.