19 September 2012

Uncommon Commentary #288: Obombast's Administration Is Definitely Not an "Intelligence Community"

It's question-and-answer time at the Doman Domain, with the answers supplied by me:

Q: Is it true that what happened in Benghazi, and the anti-US riots that have taken place at our embassies elsewhere in the Moslem world, are responses to a film that reportedly disparages Mohammed?
A: Obama's administration and the media have gone by that assumption, but so far it seems unsupported by any evidence.  If that film has played any rĂ´le whatsoever, it's been that of a pretext (almost certainly suggested to the rioters inadvertently by the US Department of State, as I noted in the previous uncommon commentary).
Q: Was the attack upon the US Consulate in Benghazi a deliberate act of terror?
A: Is Joe Biden a windbag?  Who ever heard of a "spontaneous" assault that employed mortars, rocket-propelled grenades, and improvised explosive devices (i.e.d.'s)?  Even in Libya, those things aren't just lying around on the ground, waiting to be used by "extremists".

Q: But, isn't there a consensus in the "intelligence community" that it was not planned far ahead of time, and that the fact that it took place on 11 September is just coincidence?
A: That's what we've heard from the Obombast Administration, not from the "intelligence community" itself.  The only source of intelligence to have spoken up so far—one in Libya—has contradicted the administration's position (as has the Libyan government).

Q: Why, then, is the administration lying to us?  Is it just force of habit?
A: In this case, it's because Obama doesn't want to admit that Moslem terrorists have successfully targeted the USA during his presidency; it's the same reason (along with, naturally, Political Correctness) why they're unwilling to refer to, e.g., the Fort Hood massacre as terrorism.

Q: Is history repeating itself?
A: There is a marked similarity, regarding unpreparedness on the part of the US government, between the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the bombardment of the Benghazi consulate.  In 1941, Franklin Delano Roosevelt—a president to whom, interestingly, Obama is often compared by his supporters—knew from deciphered Japanese communications that Japan planned to assail the USA somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, yet he failed to alert our bases to the fact; on 11 September of this year, Obama's administration had similar reason to fear a terrorist incident in eastern Libya, yet there were no Marines on guard at the consulate in Benghazi, or, indeed, additional safety precautions of any sort.

Q: Was there any time in history when as many things were going wrong for the USA as have gone wrong under Obama?
A: I, an historian, can't think of any.  The War of Southern Secession (i.e., "Civil War") and the Great Depression, for example, obviously were great trials for this country, but at least our civilization was not falling apart as it is now.  (Anyway, Obama's policies may well be propelling us toward a true civil war and an even greater depression.)

Q: Is there anything that you can add to what you've already said here?
A: Certainly, but I'll save it for some other uncommon commentary.