14 October 2012

Uncommon Commentary #293: Does "None" Really Refer to How Much Sense They Have?

The Pew Forum frequently conducts surveys on religious beliefs, in which those polled are asked whether they designate themselves as members of various denominations.  The proportion of those who answer "none of the above" (and who consequently are becoming known as "Nones") is rising sharply, and is at a new high: an appalling 1 in 5.  Probably anyone in this age can have a crisis of faith, but militant nullifidians bear much of the responsibility for this repellent trend, and so I have a message for them: If you won't admit that the Deity exists, that's your problem.  Don't insult us believers by speaking as if you alone were capable of using logic, and don't whine that your "rights" are violated when we express our faith.  Learn a lesson from Psalm 14, which opens with "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God."