05 November 2012

Uncommon Commentary #299: Wouldn't Hitler and Stalin Resent the Comparison?

I have never been among those who have likened Obama to either Hitler or Stalin—thus far, he seems more like Huey Long or Hugo Chavez—but such a comparison is not really so "extreme" as it might seem.  He may not be guilty of mass murder as they were, but he clearly is an unscrupulous, megalomaniacal abuser of power, and that does qualify him as a monster; this is why I often refer to him as "Emperor Nerobama" (see the list of domanisms).  How anyone who hasn't spent the past four years in a coma can approve of the President's domestic, economic, and foreign policies is hard enough to understand; how anyone (with a conscience) who does approve of those policies can not be scandalized by the way that his administration effects and enforces said policies, and tries to intimidate anybody who does not agree with them, is absolutely unfathomable.