21 December 2013

Uncommon Commentary #383: Their Version Is Per-Version

As you probably already know, the cable-television network A&E has indefinitely suspended Phil Robertson from appearing on its program Duck Dynasty, over an interview that he did with GQ magazine in which he voiced opposition to homosexual behavior.  You may not know that (A&E's parent network) ABC will be airing a special featuring Miley Cyrus, whose recent performance "twerking" with a giant teddy bear was the centerpiece of what has been called the most revolting spectacle in the entire history of television.  And so, Robertson is in disfavor for opposing depravity, while Virus—I mean, Cyrus—is in favor despite committing a depravity.  Do you have a sneaking suspicion that the ABC/A&E executives will be in some trouble on Judgment Day?