28 February 2014

Uncommon Commentary #395: Tyranny of the Majority (Leader)

It's bad enough that Harry Reid is a slanderous jerk, as he is demonstrating by again making a baseless accusation against those who don't see things his way; this time, he's calumniating Americans for Prosperity as having hired actors to tell invented stories about their suffering because of ObamaCareless.  Reid is not alone in maligning anyone who makes the Democratic Party look bad, but he also abuses his position as US Senate Majority Leader by refusing to bring bills to the floor for a vote if he simply doesn't want them to become law.  It is long past the time for this congressional disgrace to be relegated to the status of Minority Leader (as well as for his being ousted from public office altogether!); the voters muffed their chance in 2012, but perhaps they'll get it right in this year's elections.