13 March 2014

Uncommon Commentary #397: It's Hard to Be Gay if You're "Gay"

Because I'm not an homosexual and I don't live in Uganda, I haven't read up on the anti-homosexuality law in that country, but I hope that it (along with similar legislation in, e.g., Nigeria) doesn't punish a person merely for being homosexual as opposed to actually committing sodomy; the Church holds that (since homosexuality is known to psychiatrists to be a mental disease) it's not sinful merely to feel same-sex attraction, although it is a sin to yield to such impulses, just as it is for a heterosexual to fornicate.  Even laws that penalize only the committing of homosexual acts likely are unnecessary.  Contrary to the "Gay pride" blather that we sometimes hear, probably no one wants to have a psychological aberration; the fact that homophiles are unable to have something that nearly all of us desire (i.e., a healthy relationship with a member of the opposite sex), and that homosexual behavior can have deadly consequences, means that homosexuality really is its own punishment.