06 June 2014

Best of Miscellaneous Musing

Since today marks the seventieth anniversary of the Normandy invasion, known officially as Operation Overlord and popularly but foolishly as "D-Day" (v.i.), you'll want to revisit MM #7.
(The date on which this invasion began was called "D-Day" for the same reason why the time of its launching was called "H-Hour" and the entire operation was dubbed "Operation Overlord": The planners didn't want the enemy to know what would happen.  "Overlord" was the code name given to this particular operation; "D-Day" was the code name used for the date of commencement of any military campaign, just as "H-Hour" was that designating the hour of its commencement.  For some reason, the public has come to associate "D-Day" specifically with Overlord.)