16 October 2014

Uncommon Commentary #431: Still Eric Holder, but Hopefully Never Again an Office-Holder

My initial reaction to the news of Eric Holder’s resignation from the post of US Attorney General was the same as my reaction to the departure of nearly everyone else who finally acquires sense enough to leave the inept and malfeasant Obama Administration: “Good riddance!”  Just as first impressions can be misleading, however, first reactions are often erroneous.  It is, of course, good that the worst attorney general in US history will no longer be serving (himself) in that capacity, even though we can safely assume that Emperor Nerobama will make a deplorable choice for his replacement—Let’s pray that Janet Reno doesn’t want her old job back!—; but the fact that this is a self-ouster means that it can hardly qualify as good riddance.  After all, the man ought to have been impeached long ago, but, now, his corruption and incompetence will be rewarded with a fat pension.  This is worse than the equivalent of “cheating the hangman”; it’s cheating the entire country.