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The characters in my strip, set in Africa's Western Rift Valley, are: the Foolish Pride of lions (Leon, the haughty and lethargic King of Beasts; his queen, Leona; and their cub Lionel, an unpromising heir to the throne); Secretary Bird, a liason between the Royal Court and the rest of the animals; cerebral, man-imitating Ape, a reader of the Substandard; peevish Rhinoceros; harmless but senseless Ostrich; Crocodile, resident of the much-frequented Watering Hole, and his dentist, Crocodile Bird; Honey Badger (alias Ratel), the "Meanest Animal in the World", and his one associate, Honeyguide; Mumbo the elephant, a descendant of Jumbo and a butt of jokes about his weight and the size of his ears and nose; Duncan the dung beetle; ill-favored and unwashed Warthog; the craven, henpecked male and shrewish female hyaenas, both of them foul-smelling and perpetually at war vs. the lions; the mistaken-identity-plagued zebras; slow and superannuated Tortoise; Oxpecker, a companion of large herbivores; Hugh the chamaeleon; and walled-up Mrs. Hornbill.

The Best Comic Strip Ever!

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20 January 2017

Uncommon Commentary #529: UC #525 Follow-Up

I'm not a "Never Trumper", and certainly not one of the "Not My President" radical rabble--I regard the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency as being more comical than outrageous--, but I must say that the optimism that many "conservatives" (see the list of domanisms, below) are expressing about a Trump presidency is positively surreal, and demonstrates that hope springs eternal.
This doesn't mean that there's no reason to think that Trump's tenure will be an improvement over that of Emperor Nerobama. (How could any change from his misrule not be an improvement?) His Cabinet selections are largely astute, although I would not confirm Rex Tillerson, who, like Trump, is a businessman with no foreign-policy experience, to be Secretary of State. (choice that deserves comment is that of Rick Perry to supervise the Department of Energy.  Perry is a good man, but why should a Trump administration even include a Secretary of Energy?  Early in this decade, it was fairly widely recognized in the GOP that, if Washington's spending is ever to be brought under any degree of control, entire departments of the US government must be eliminated; the prime favorite for such elimination was the Department of Energy, and, if I recall correctly, one of those contestants for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination who said that he would abolish said department was Gov. Perry.  It seems that the law of physics is right: Energy can never be destroyed.)  Lawrence Kudlow will make an excellent economic advisor, though only if Trump, whose ego seems to be similar in size to Obama's, actually takes his advice. (I can't believe that Kudlow approves of Trump's potentially catastrophic opposition to free trade; protectionism is what caused the Great Depression.)
"America", however, does not need to be made "great" again, contrary to Trump's campaign slogan; it needs to be made worthy of blessing by God.  Elevating to our highest office a man who has been divorced twice (and whose present "wife" has posed in the nude for photographs), who publicly uses obscenities, who verbally assaults anyone who can be considered an obstacle to the achievement of his goals, who shares the outgoing chief-executive's support of same-sex marriage, who tells as many lies as does any career politician, whose attitude toward the opposite sex is almost as bad as Bill Clinton's, and who supported Dunghillary only four years before his first presidential bid, is no way to do that.