11 June 2011

Uncommon Commentary #192: Wiener Is the Wurst—I Mean, Worst

Because I don't comment on anything happening in the world unless I have something original to say, I've heretofore devoted none of this space to US Reprehensive Anthony Wiener, who has received plenty of attention from others.  I now, however, think that someone ought to note the significance of the reason that Weiner—and he certainly is a weiner—has given for remaining in office: his professed belief that he has not broken any law.  What about laws of God?  One of the great failures of the "American way of life," although I've never heard it mentioned as such, is the fact that the Law no longer punishes offences thought of as being of a strictly moral nature.  One of the few legitimate reasons that anybody has for ruling others is to enforce standards of propriety (see, for instance, the final clause of Romans 13:4), but our government is derelict in that duty.