01 July 2011

Uncommon Commentary #196: It's Time for "Arab Spring" Cleaning

Aside from the US-specific issue regarding the Libyan civil war, namely, the illegality of President Yo'Mama's continuation of his country's involvement, there is the question that applies to any of the NATO powers intervening in the conflict: Could a Libya without Gaddafi be worse than one with him? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, in the context of the worldwide struggle versus jihadism. Gaddafi's Libya may be Islamic, but it is not Islamist; in fact, it's one of the most secular states in the Moslem world, and this evidently is one of the leading factors in the revolt against his rule. (A complication is that while secularism, from our viewpoint, is desirable in Moslem countries, it has had an extremely detrimental effect here in the West. This point may need to be elaborated upon in another uncommon commentary.) To risk lives and waste money for the sake of trying to depose a strongman, even after the revelation that Usama bin Laden endorsed the "Arab Spring," is so short-sighted that there may be no glasses with lenses thick enough to correct the problem.