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The characters in my strip, set in Africa's Western Rift Valley, are: the Foolish Pride of lions (Leon, the haughty and lethargic King of Beasts; his queen, Leona; and their cub Lionel, an unpromising heir to the throne); Secretary Bird, a liason between the Royal Court and the rest of the animals; cerebral, man-imitating Ape, a reader of the Substandard; peevish Rhinoceros; harmless but senseless Ostrich; Crocodile, resident of the much-frequented Watering Hole, and his dentist, Crocodile Bird; Honey Badger (alias Ratel), the "Meanest Animal in the World", and his one associate, Honeyguide; Mumbo the elephant, a descendant of Jumbo and a butt of jokes about his weight and the size of his ears and nose; Duncan the dung beetle; ill-favored and unwashed Warthog; the craven, henpecked male and shrewish female hyaenas, both of them foul-smelling and perpetually at war vs. the lions; the mistaken-identity-plagued zebras; slow and superannuated Tortoise; Oxpecker, a companion of large herbivores; Hugh the chamaeleon; and walled-up Mrs. Hornbill.

The Best Comic Strip Ever!

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14 August 2011

Uncommon Commentary #203: Gore Throws a Temperature Tantrum

If there's any more insufferable twit than Al Gore, I don't know who it is. (There are others, e.g., Michael Mooron, who are as insufferable.) Speaking to the Aspen Institute on, appropriately, Insufferable Twit Day (Obama's birthday), Gore (as related by the left-wing Colorado Independent) said that tobacco companies “succeeded in delaying the implementation of the Surgeon General’s report for 40 years – 40 years! In every one of those 40 years the average number of Americans [sic] killed by cigarettes each year exceeded the total number of Americans [sic] killed in all of World War II: 450,000 per year. [Actually, the purported figure is 434,000.—Doman] My sister was one of them. … It was evil, evil, evil.”
This "model of media manipulation," he blustered on, “was transported whole cloth [?—Doman] into the climate debate. And some of the exact [sic] same people [sic]—I can go down a list of their names—are involved in this. And so what do they do? They pay pseudo-scientists to pretend to be scientists to put out the message: ‘This climate thing, it’s nonsense. Man-made CO2 doesn’t trap heat. It may be volcanos.’ Bull____! ‘It may be sunspots.’ Bull____! ‘It’s not getting warmer.’ Bull____! When you go and [redundancy] talk to any audience about climate, you hear them washing back at you the same crap over and over and over again [redundancy]. There’s no longer a shared reality [?—Doman] on an issue like climate even though the very existence of our civilization is threatened. … It’s no longer acceptable in mixed company, meaning bipartisan company, to use the god____ word climate....They have polluted it to the point where we cannot possibly come to an agreement on it.”
And so, a person who (according to the Washington Post article Gore's Grades Belie Image of Studiousness) performed poorly in college science courses joins the likes of Oliver Stone and Hillary [sic] Clinton in charging that a conspiracy of the opposition has invented all the evidence that refutes his position. I cannot agree with Climate Depot, one of the skeptics of the anthropogenic-warming theory whom he accuses of taking part in the alleged cover-up, that "This is psychologically healthy development for Gore [because he's admitting that his side is losing]." Do the false ecological messiah's words (especially the part about paying "pseudo-scientists") sound to you like those of a normal person, or like the ravings of a paranoiac? Gory [misspelling intentional] has been contemptible for decades, but he was also ridiculous; now, he's also frightening.