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The characters in my strip, set in Africa's Western Rift Valley, are: the Foolish Pride of lions (Leon, the haughty and lethargic King of Beasts; his queen, Leona; and their cub Lionel, an unpromising heir to the throne); Secretary Bird, a liason between the Royal Court and the rest of the animals; cerebral, man-imitating Ape, a reader of the Substandard; peevish Rhinoceros; harmless but senseless Ostrich; Crocodile, resident of the much-frequented Watering Hole, and his dentist, Crocodile Bird; Honey Badger (alias Ratel), the "Meanest Animal in the World", and his one associate, Honeyguide; Mumbo the elephant, a descendant of Jumbo and a butt of jokes about his weight and the size of his ears and nose; Duncan the dung beetle; ill-favored and unwashed Warthog; the craven, henpecked male and shrewish female hyaenas, both of them foul-smelling and perpetually at war vs. the lions; the mistaken-identity-plagued zebras; slow and superannuated Tortoise; Oxpecker, a companion of large herbivores; Hugh the chamaeleon; and walled-up Mrs. Hornbill.

The Best Comic Strip Ever!

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26 August 2011

Uncommon Commentary #206: Joe Biden, Go Ridin'

Specifically, ridin' off into the sunset. (See the last paragraph.) The creep—I mean, Veep—has again put his foot into his mouth, which he does so often that he'll probably contract athlete's-tongue. On this occasion, Vice-President Blatherskate was in the city Chengdu in the People's Republic of China, making prepared remarks—which means that he doesn't even have the excuse of misspeaking—on the entitlement-explosion crisis in the US. He said:
“… But [sic] as I was talking to some of your leaders, you share a similar concern here in China. You have no safety net. Your policy has been one which I fully understand — I’m not second-guessing — of one child per family. The result being that you’re in a position where one wage earner will be taking care of four retired people [sic]. Not sustainable.”
Biden, therefore, voiced no concerns over the PRC's means of enforcing its population-control policy, which include imprisonment, fines, beatings, mandated abortions and sterilizations, and loss of employment or of government benefits; his only objection was on demographic grounds, namely, that if the Chinese kill off too many future taxpayers, there won't be enough revenue to support current taxpayers once the latter have retired. (He reportedly has backtracked on his statements to the Chinese audience, but he can't undo the fact that he made them.)
The whole Obombast administration deserves to be discharged by the voters, but we'll have to wait until November of next year for the chance to bring that about. In the meantime, why doesn't the President improve matters ever so slightly by administering a mercy-killing to the career of his running-mate, as Nixon did in the case of Spiro Agnew?