03 September 2011

Uncommon Commentary #208: Taxation Isn't Our Cup of Tea

It's ironic that the TEA Party movement (the name whereof, by the way, should be spelled with the "T," "E," and "A" all capitalized, since they form an acronym from "Taxed Enough Already") evokes our mythologized Revolution, which was supposed to improve life for the colonists by abolishing the so-called tyranny of "taxation without representation"; now that our land is a republic, we are subject to taxation with representation (at least in theory; no one votes for politicians who admit that they favor higher tax rates for most of the populace, but candidates for office overcome this handicap by simply concealing their intentions from the electorate), yet said movement has arisen in opposition to the government of our independent country. Doesn't this mean that the Founders' experiment was ultimately futile, that we're no better ruled—in my opinion, much worse—than before?