21 September 2011

Uncommon Commentary #212: "Intelligence?" What a Misnomer!

The w.w.w. site of the Central Intelligence Agency, under the heading "Diversity," actually says:
"In order for the CIA to meet our mission of protecting our national [sic] security interests, we need to emply a workforce as diverse as America [sic] itself—the most diverse nation [sic] on earth. Diversity reflects the unique ways we vary as Intelligence Officers—our nationality, race, ethnicity, gender [sic], age, language, culture, sexual orientation, education, values, beliefs, abilities, and disabilities. These assorted attributes create different demographic, functional, and intellectual views, which are so vital to our innovation, agility, collection, and analysis."
Are we therefore to assume that, were the CIA not so "diverse," it would botch the gathering and analyzing of intelligence even more often than it does?