25 October 2011

Uncommon Commentary #221: A Strongman and a Weak Claim

President Obombast and his administration (though repeating the mantra "Gaddafi must go") maintained that US intervention in the Libyan civil war was an "humanitarian" mission intended to protect civilians, not to bring about the fall of the Gaddafi regime, which anyway, had already taken place weeks before the strongman's demise.  Furthermore, Gaddafi, though no less repellent than when this object of Islamist hatred was an enemy of the USA, served as an ally of ours in the fight versus jihadists (just as the monster Stalin did in that against Hitler's Germany); see the final two paragraphs of The "Arab Spring" Spews Blood.  How, then, can anyone who hasn't been living on some other planet for the past decade characterize his capture and death as a US "foreign-policy victory?"