06 March 2012

Uncommon Commentary #249: Leftists Can't Stop Citing an Imaginary "99%"

There's no mystery to me as to why Emperor Nerobama is trying to compel Roman Catholics to pay for insurance coverage of birth control—it's because he's a left-wing tyrant who values social engineering over religious freedom—but it's not clear why he's doing it during an election year.  The likely reason is that he has deluded himself into believing that the majority of women want access to birth control, and that since the USA's population is under one-fourth Roman Catholic but over half female, picking this fight with the Church right now will help his chances of staying in office.  The Obombast administration absurdly asserts that contraception has been used by 99 percent of women overall and by 98 percent among Roman Catholics; I don't know the actual figures, but I hope that this probable campaign ploy won't give birth to a second term for our president, which might be more than I can bear.