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The characters in my strip, set in Africa's Western Rift Valley, are: the Foolish Pride of lions (Leon, the haughty and lethargic King of Beasts; his queen, Leona; and their cub Lionel, an unpromising heir to the throne); Secretary Bird, a liason between the Royal Court and the rest of the animals; cerebral, man-imitating Ape, a reader of the Substandard; peevish Rhinoceros; harmless but senseless Ostrich; Crocodile, resident of the much-frequented Watering Hole, and his dentist, Crocodile Bird; Honey Badger (alias Ratel), the "Meanest Animal in the World", and his one associate, Honeyguide; Mumbo the elephant, a descendant of Jumbo and a butt of jokes about his weight and the size of his ears and nose; Duncan the dung beetle; ill-favored and unwashed Warthog; the craven, henpecked male and shrewish female hyaenas, both of them foul-smelling and perpetually at war vs. the lions; the mistaken-identity-plagued zebras; slow and superannuated Tortoise; Oxpecker, a companion of large herbivores; Hugh the chamaeleon; and walled-up Mrs. Hornbill.

The Best Comic Strip Ever!

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06 January 2013

Uncommon Commentary #317: Were it Possible to Wish Something out of Existence, Self-Righteous Anti-Gun Crusaders Would Have Disappeared, Thanks to Me

It has sometimes been noted that crime rates actually rise as a result of bans on gun ownership, even in island countries which have no neighbors from where such weapons can be smuggled in; I've never seen it explained why this happens, however, and so I'll here attempt to give an explanation that can be understood even by a Holly-woodhead. (Whether "gun control" proponents will allow themselves to understand it remains problematic; I suspect strongly that many leftists don't even care whether restrictions on the sale and use of guns reduce crime, since what they really want is not to prevent another Newtown-style tragedy but rather to punish firearm owners, whom they consider to be the Enemy, equating them with White supremacists, religious fanatics, &c.)  When possession of guns is outlawed, the law-abiding surrender theirs to the authorities, but the law-breaking retain their firearms and then use them to commit crimes versus the law-abiding, who, now disarmed, make easier targets for the law-breaking than they did before.  It's that simple.  In the USA, there is nearly one privately-owned firearm for each man, woman, and child; perhaps that's too many, but we can't simply wish them out of existence.