31 August 2015

Uncommon Commentary #474: Moreover, "Zir" Means "Butthead" in the Urdu Language

If you can’t tolerate crackpot ideas from leftists in academia, take the pills that your physician prescribed for that purpose, and then read this.  It would be easy to say that using, e.g., “xe” and “zyr” in place of “she” and “his” is the most ridiculous thing of which I’ve ever heard, but it may be only tied for first place, because there is a widely accepted practice—if I recall correctly, it’s been used even by the author of the article to which you are linked above—that really is no less inane: employing “Ms.” (which is just as artificial as the contrivances proffered by Tennessee-Knoxville, and ungrammatical to boot, since it is not a real abbreviation) as a title for a woman who either is not married or who is married but simply declines to use her husband’s family name.  See UC #66: ABig Ms.take.  (It ought to be noted also that the three words at the top of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s list of recommended pronouns, “they”, “them”, and “their”, already are commonly misused as singular as well as plural forms for the sake of “gender neutrality”.)  Will “xem” and “zirs” also someday be regarded as proper?