07 September 2015

Uncommon Commentary #475: The Left Is So Gauche!

A devotee of Christ can favor some of the positions that are associated with the Democratic Party; it’s not incompatible with Christian belief to favor big government, for example, or to oppose development projects for the sake of protecting the natural environment.  On Election Day, however, except when a proposition is on the ballot, one votes for candidates; and, if one votes Democrat, those candidates are far more likely than not to follow such un-Christian practices as lying to the public and slandering the opposition, and to have un-Christian or even anti-Christian attitudes on social issues like (induced) abortion and “LGBT rights”.  Unless, therefore, one feels that, e.g., the highly dubious threat from “climate change” is so much more important than a definite life-and-death matter like fœticide that one is justified in electing an Obama or a Hillary [sic], I don’t see how a true Christian (or anyone else with a conscience) can still vote for (most) Democrats.