09 February 2016

Uncommon Commentary #494: Lift High the Cruz?

I have a high opinion generally of Senator Ted Cruz, but he has done and said some odd things.  Several years ago, he filibustered ostensibly against continued government overspending, and then immediately voted for the overspending just like the “establishment” politicians; after the death of Nelson Mandela, who, as a Marxist, a terrorist, a critic of the US War on Terror, and a supporter of abortion-on-demand, was hardly someone whom a conservative ought to admire (see UC #380: Not My Kind of Fella, That Nelson Mandela), Cruz posted a tribute to him on his Facebook page and also attended his funeral.  There may be no truly ideal presidential candidate, but Cruz–if the foreign-born Texan is indeed even eligible to hold our highest office—is perhaps farther from the ideal than a nominee ought to be.