06 May 2011

Uncommon Commentary #177: Obama's Victory Crap

Another uncommon commentary is made necessary by the apparent willingness of many non-left-wing sources to endorse the falsehood that Obombast will go down in history as having rid the world of Usama bin Laden.  Approving the operation against the head of al-Qaeda is not to his discredit, but nor is it any particular credit, since, although it was the right decision, it was also the obvious one.  Can you imagine any post-"9/11" US president, least of all one who's running for re-election, not capitalizing a golden opportunity to capture or kill our #1-most-wanted terrorist?  You know that our chief executive has a reputation for error when his opponents, for the sake of a change from criticism of him, praise him simply for not doing the wrong thing.
Had Obama and most of his fellow Democrats had their way, the target of SEAL Team Six (previously reviled by leftists as "Cheney's assassination squad") wouldn't even have been found, for bin Laden was located thanks to interrogative methods employed under the previous administration, but disingenuously banned by this one as constituting "torture."  It is not incorrect to say that this is a success of the President, but the President, in this case, is George W. Bush.