07 May 2011

Uncommon Commentary #178: The Navy SEALs Bin Laden's Doom

You may have noticed that the US Government's attempts at giving the story of the raid that killed bin Laden contained some slight discrepancies [rhetorical understatement], which, ominously, boost the credibility of the accusation that we assassinated the Terror tycoon.  Considering who did the explaining, e.g., Obombast, White House Press Secretary Jay Blarney—I mean, Carney—&c., it's unsurprising that this effort was botched, but much confusion also resulted from the fact that transmission between SEALs and heels was lost for the final "period of almost 20 or 25 minutes."  Why, instead of bungling the narrative by speaking of things that they knew next-to-nothing about, didn't they simply admit that they hadn't adequate information?  It's impossible to know, but it could well be that to make such a concession would've meant acknowledging that President Egobama (a play on "ego" and "Obama") was not fully in control of the situation.