25 May 2011

Uncommon Commentary #188: Why Obsess over a "Process" That's Really an Abscess?

Castigating Israel for not yielding to every foreign demand—including even his!—for the sake of the misnamed "Peace Process" (v.i.) in the Holy Land, President Obombast told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee that "The International Community is tired of an endless process …."  So am I.  Why can't the "International Community" stop trying to resuscitate said process, and mercifully allow it to undergo a natural death?
(Even if we Gentiles don't realize that 18 years is quite enough time to see whether the Oslo Accords and their successor the Road Map for Peace would prove effectual, the least that we ought to do is to stop referring to these fantasies collectively as the Peace Process; this designation denotes movement toward peace, but things have actually gotten worse, through the conferring of legitimacy upon terrorists.)