14 May 2013

Uncommon Commentary #341: Tweets by Twits

The White House Twitter account put out "tweets" on the Tenth of this month to promote the (Patient Protection and) Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCareless (see the list of domanisms).  One read: "Thanks to the #ACA, 1 in 3 women under 65 gained access to preventive care—like birth control—with no out-of-pocket costs. #HappyMothersDay".  A story from LifeNews related this information, but did not explicitly note the irony of affixing a "hashtag" (if that's what those things are called) that reads "HappyMothersDay" to a "tweet" touting what the ACA (or OC) has done for birth control; hence, one of two reasons for this uncommon commentary.  My second reason for writing is to alert you to the use of the phrase "preventive care"; since when does this term, which applies to the prevention of disease, subsume birth control?  As I previously wrote here on the D.D., conceiving and bearing children is absolutely normal; in fact, without the ability to reproduce, our species would have gone extinct quite some time ago.  Twits don't come any "twitter" than those who work for Obama.