17 May 2013

Uncommon Commentary #343: Kermit the Dog

I find it extraordinary that no one, to my knowledge, made the same observation that I am now about public attitude during the just-concluded trial of serial killer Kermit Gosnell: Even someone who believes that there is a right to commit fÅ“ticide ought to be appalled to learn of the unsanitary conditions and medical inadequacies of Gosnell’s pseudo-clinic.  Do pro-choicers not care that his malpractice caused the death of a woman who was exercising what they consider to be her "right to choose"?  Evidently not.  The lack of indignation from Abortion Land demonstrates at least their true lack of concern for the women in whose interests they pretend to act, and perhaps also that they know that the "House of Horrors" was not exceptional.