15 May 2013

Uncommon Commentary #342: "Benghazi-Gate"? May I Suggest "Give-Obama-the-Gate"?

In his ongoing cover-up of the cover-up related to the 11 September 2012 attack, President Obombast said “There’s no there there”.  That Obama eloquence just keeps flowing, doesn't it?
The Obfuscator-in-Chief also dismissed as a "sideshow" the efforts of Republicans (and a pitifully small number of Democrats, whom, unsurprisingly, he didn't mention) to learn the whole truth about the actions that his administration took as a result of what happened in Benghazi.  In a way, he's right; just as when the Clintons were jointly president, government scandals are coming along so quickly that you practically need a database to keep track of them, and so the one concerning Benghazi could well become lost in the crowd.