19 January 2015

Uncommon Commentary #441: A Lyin’ Line (Alternate Title: For Someone Who Uses “I” So Often as Obama Does, He Certainly Has Trouble with the “I-Word”)

(The “I-word” is, of course, “Islam”.)
I don’t know whether the majority of Moslems favor jihad versus civilians—and neither does anyone else, because no worldwide survey of Mohammedan opinion has ever been taken—but the quotations in the penultimate paragraph of I Slam Islam? belie what we've all heard so often, with only minor variations, from President Obombast and the like-minded: that jihadism really has no place in Islam, and that the tenets of this legitimate religion—What qualifies a religion as "legitimate" in the eyes of leftists?—have been misrepresented by a handful of "extremists" who carry out, or promote, terrorist attacks.  It's not uncommon for belligerents to tell lies about one another, but our Commander-in-Chief in the War on Terror won't even tell the damning truth about militant Islamists.