26 January 2015

Uncommon Commentary #443: Obama Needs to Change His Address

(The pun on “address”, in the title of this u.c., has a double meaning; the word primarily refers to the State of the Union, but the USA would also benefit from Obama-the-Bungle-Boy’s [see the guide to domanisms] not continuing to reside at the White House.)
This past week, when the President of the USA snubbed the traditional media to speak with a bunch of YouTube hosts, one of them told him that the #1 question on Google in this country during the recent State of the Union address was “How old is Obama?”  Assuming that his information is correct: Why did people want to know that, at that time?  Were they curious as to how an apparently grown man could say the childish things that he did?  Or, were they thinking that our chief executive must be much older than he looks, because only someone who is too old to change would (as his oration-on-the-nation demonstrated to be true of him) persist in a mode of leadership that has done so much damage as it has to his party, his country, and his world?
(Incidentally, I really don’t like the idea of an opposition-party response to a State of the Union address, but such a response may become necessary when the occupant of the Oval Office, as the current one always does, transforms the SOTU tradition into an opportunity to deliver a campaign speech.)