10 April 2015

Uncommon Commentary #451: Why Should Anyone Called “Hillary” Be Cheerful?

(“Cheerful” is what “Hilary”—this being the correct spelling—means.  “Hillary” is the surname of the conqueror of Mount Everest.)
Some brownskirt (see the list of domanisms, below) alleges that it’s “sexist” to call Hillary [sic] Clinton by her first name (as has been done by, for example, the past-and-future-candidate’s own “Ready for Hillary” [sic] campaign).  “Clinton”, though, is her married name; isn’t it “sexist” to use that?  I suspect that the tendency to refer to the former First Lady by only her first name is either the result of a desire to avoid feminism-incited controversy, or a subconscious acknowledgement of the fact that (as I noted in a previous uncommon commentary), in our patrilineal culture, there really is no such thing as a feminine surname.  In any case, I have the solution to this pseudo-problem: Let’s start referring to her by a title instead.  I propose “Supreme Hag of the USA”.