05 June 2015

Uncommon Commentary #460: Does Being Part of “Pop” Culture Mean that One’s Bubble Will Burst?

One mystery of life is why so many of the people who seem to have everything that a person could want, that is, the popular-culture elite, ruin their apparently enviable lives through substance abuse.  Have they such inflated opinions of themselves that they believe that addiction is a problem that affects no one but those mere mortals who are not “icons”?  Is it because the Betty Ford clinic has, as made evident by the trashion “rehab [sic] chic”, rendered it almost glamorous to be or to have been addicted to something?  There’s probably truth in these possible explanations, but the major reason may be our living in a spiritual vacuum; having all that our debased civilization offers, and realizing that they still don’t have true happiness, celebrities try to fill said vacuum with drugs or alcohol or both.  Whatever is the best explanation, it’s yet another reason to assiduously ignore Hollywood and its ilk.