19 June 2015

Uncommon Commentary #462: UC #451 Follow-Up

Since I wrote UC #451, it has occurred to me that other designations could be applied to the woman presently known as Hillary [sic] (Rodham) Clinton.  For instance, according to my dictionary, the suffix “-ary” can mean “thing belonging to or connected with; esp., place of” or “person belonging to, connected with, or engaged in”.  Why not, then, alter her first name to Hellary?  Furthermore, since “dunghill” can mean “something (as a situation or condition) that is repulsive or degraded”, how about “Dunghillary”?  And because “Sodom” is defined as “a place notorious for vice or corruption”, may I suggest using that as her maiden name instead of Rodham? (Hopefully, there’s one thing that she’ll never be called: “the President”.)