07 December 2015

Uncommon Commentary #486: The Next President Obombast? (God Forbid!)

When a CBS interviewer told Dr. Ben Carson that advocates of legal fœticide accuse pro-lifers of instigating the tragedy in Colorado Springs, the reputedly pro-life presidential candidate made a reply worthy of the current occupant of the Oval Office (who, in 2009, called on both sides of the induced-abortion debate to “stop demonizing” each other), saying that “There is no question that, you know, hateful rhetoric, no matter which side it comes from–Right or Left–, is something that is detrimental to our society” and that there is “No question the hateful rhetoric exacerbates the situation”.  I’ve no idea what “hateful rhetoric” it is that Dr. Carson seems to attribute to the “Right”; the only hateful rhetoric that I’ve ever heard on this issue has come from the very side which has been laying responsibility for this crime at the feet of persons who oppose the institutionalized murder committed by the likes of Planned Parenthood. (Indeed, making such an accusation is itself “hateful rhetoric”—Is it not?)