04 December 2015

Uncommon Commentary #485: A Fallen Star-Advertiser

According to a 29 November article in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser (the author of which is obviously biased against the pro-life cause): “Violence against doctors or clinics [sic] providing abortion services [Inducing abortion is a “service”?—Doman] has claimed the lives of at least 11 people [sic] in the United States [of America, presumably] since 1993….  The most recent deaths came … in Colorado Springs, Colo.”  Even if the actions in Colorado Springs of shooter Robert Lewis Dear actually qualify as anti-fœticide—he reportedly said something of “baby body parts”, but it ought to be noted that opposing the sale of whole or incomplete cadavers is not the same as opposing the procedures that yielded those cadavers, and that those who have known Dear best say that he never mentioned abortion—, and if any deaths resulted from such violence prior to the past 22 years, we can reasonably assume that the all-time number of those deaths is lower than the total tally of victims of fœticide, which is approaching 60 million.