13 April 2012

Uncommon Commentary #256: Mrs. Romney Actually Holds Two Jobs, i.e., Wife and Mother

I'd like to ask a few questions of Dumbocratic Party strategist Hilary Rosen, who insulted Mrs. Mitt Romney as "never having worked a day in her life":
Doesn't managing a household and raising (in Ann Romney's case) five children qualify as "working"? (I'll bet that millions of housewives think so.)
Does your statement mean that the Demagogic Party is doing what its propagandists accuse the Republicans of doing, viz., waging war versus (non-professional) women?
Since you're indulging your psychological aberration and risking the mental health of two members of a future generation by raising twins with a "partner" of your own sex, who are you to get self-righteous about anyone else's domestic arrangement?
Why should the spouse of someone as affluent as Mitt Romney seek paid employment, thus taking a position away from someone who might need the money?  Have you never wondered how many men (or single mothers) cannot provide for their families because they've been out-competed in the job market by females whose paychecks merely supplement those of their husbands?  (See Uncommon Commentary #88.)
Lastly, why did you find it necessary to add "in her life" to your comment?  Have you ever heard of a woman working a day outside her lifespan?