19 April 2012

Uncommon Commentary #257: We Need a New Gent in the White House

Rock-and-roller Ted Nugent, who favors Romney for the presidency, has aroused controversy by referring to the current occupier in—I mean, of—the Oval Office as “vile”, “evil”, and “America[sic]-hating”, and by saying that, should Obama be re-elected, “I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” (He ought to have used “shall”, which denotes simple futurity, instead of “will”, which expresses intent—but, on the other hand, maybe he was saying that he would rather be dead or incarcerated than live “free” under Emperor Nerobama.)  Dumbocrats are calling on Romney to “denounce” Nugent’s comments.  What Romney ought to say to them is the following: “When the President repudiates the many distasteful celebrities who’ve endorsed him, maybe I’ll repudiate Nugent.”