30 July 2013

Miscellaneous Musing #55

The decrease in the annual reported number of induced abortions in this country, from approximately 1.6 million two decades ago to an estimated 1.2 million nowadays, is welcome news except for a caveat; note the word "reported".  For its data on abortions, the government relies on the very industry that performs them, which has obvious incentive to conceal the committing of the late-term foeticides that have been made illegal in the majority of States.  It seems unlikely that this alone could account for a 25 percent drop, but, of course, there may be other factors, such as the concurrent loss of stigma toward unwed motherhood.  Anyway, this is not an uncommon commentary but only a miscellaneous musing, and so my object here is not to state anything positively but merely to wonder what the truth is in this case.