15 August 2013

Uncommon Commentary #356: One Clown Mocks Another

This news item reports on the aftermath of an incident, at the Missouri State Fair, to which President Obombast's term "phony [sic] scandal" applies much more truly than it does to the real scandals that our chief executive is trying to belittle.  The rodeo-clown act was disrespectful, but: So what?  What has Obama, an unprincipled, megalomaniacal bully, done to deserve respect?  Certainly an important office like the US presidency has inherent dignity, but this doesn't mean that a dishonorable man transforms into an honorable one by means of lying his way into our country's highest office.  I regard any president as worthy of respect so long as he sincerely endeavors to serve in the best interests of his country; I think that this was true of Carter, failure though he was, but would anyone seriously argue that it's true of the present occupant of the Oval Office?