04 August 2013

Uncommon Commentary #354: That Filibuster Was a Filly's Bluster

Don't expect the Texas law that regulates the committing of foeticide (or any others of its nature) to save the number of lives that many of its backers expect it will.  Once the law takes effect, women who would previously have had their children killed after 20-weeks' gestation may simply have abortions earlier during pregnancy, or have the procedure performed in some other State (like bordering New Mexico, which has no restrictions whatsoever on the practice); additionally, abortions after the 20-week limit may come to be induced illegally in Texas, as they are in other States (see Miscellaneous Musing #55).
On a related subject: Isn't it sadly ironic that Texas State Senatrix Wendy Davis, in filibustering against a bill intended to ban most late-term executions of unborn girls (and boys), captured media attention by wearing pink shoes?