27 August 2013

Uncommon Commentary #361: I Wish that I Could Draw a Red Line Through Obama's Name

An attack by our military upon that of the Syrian government is "not a matter of if but when", according to a Defense official who evidently has not read item number 57 on the list here.  There’s reason to doubt that the US presidential administration will really authorize this assault—after all, President Obombast drew his "red line" over a year ago—but the fact that this option is even being considered is almost incredible.  Yes, Assad’s regime has been sadistic in its attempt to quash the insurgency in his country, but do we really want to do something that might alter the fortune of battle in this civil war in favor of the jihadists who are known to dominate the rebel forces, as we did so recently in Libya?  In The "Arab Spring" Spews Blood, I wrote of that intervention as being possibly the worst of all Obama's blunders, but there is something even more stupid than making a mistake of such magnitude: making it again.