17 August 2013

Uncommon Commentary #357: UC #356 Follow-Up

My previous posting included a link to a news article.  As if the overreaction reported in that story weren’t bad enough, the president of the Missouri NAACP is now demanding an investigation by both the Department of Justice and the Secret Service into the rodeo clown who lampooned Obama.  If he wanted only the DoJ to be involved, one might assume that he was asking that body to determine whether the clown has committed a civil-rights violation (which, were that the motive in soliciting federal intervention, would be sufficiently Orwellian); the Secret Service, however, serves no purpose other than to protect the lives of politicians.  Does the Missouri NAACP, then, equate ridicule of Obama with intention to cause him bodily harm?  "NAACP" is an acronym for "National Association for the Advancement of Colored People", but it might stand more accurately for "Nazis Assiduously Attacking Critics of the President".