02 May 2015

Uncommon Commentary #455: Carl Stokes the Furnace of Race Hatred

“Thug” seems now to be regarded, at least by many leftists, as a racially sensitive term; on CNN (to give the most absurd example of this usage), Baltimore Councilman Carl Stokes slandered critics of those persons who devastated much of his city, by saying “No, we don't have to call them [the rioters, arsonists, and looters] ‘thugs’.  Just call them ‘Niggers’.”  If “thug” comes to be viewed by the general population as an equivalent for the noun “Black”, the demagoguery of Stokes and others will backfire.
I’ll conclude by noting that “thug” derives from a word for practitioners of “thugee”, viz., ritual murder formerly committed for the appeasement of the Hindu goddess Kali; if anyone ought to regard this word as an ethnic slur, therefore, it’s not Blacks but Indians!