02 May 2012

Uncommon Commentary #260: Did I Say "If"? I Meant "When" I Rule the World

On the topic of whether sale of alcoholic beverages should be licit on Sunday, the key word is not "alcoholic" but "Sunday"; with a few obvious exceptions, nothing ought to be sold on the Lord's Day, since such financial transactions violate the Fourth Commandment (or the Third, if you're a Lutheran or a Roman Catholic).  If I ruled the world, people would be prohibited from conducting business on their Sabbath, and so Jews (including those only nominally Jewish) would be permitted to buy and sell on Sunday but not from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, and Christians (including, as with Jews, those who don't live their ostensible religion) would be allowed to do so on any day but Sunday.  Avowed pagans and atheists would not be a factor, because there wouldn't be any.