30 May 2012

Uncommon Commentary #269: What's Truly Broken Is the Record for "Worst President"

It is inaccurate to say, as, e.g., Democrats do when things don't go their way, that "the [US political] system is broken".  It's not that I think that this system works--see UC #241, and below--; it's just that to say that something is broken is to imply that, if repaired, it would work.  What I (at the risk of shocking the reader) contend is that what we call "democracy" is intrinsically unworkable, because it's based on the false premise that the average member of our fallen human race is qualified to choose his leaders.  In my opinion, both history and common sense demonstrate that people in general are too selfish and ignorant to vote wisely.
(Anyway, if President Obombast really wants the people to believe that "the system is broken", why doesn't he offer them evidence for his assertion, such as the fact that they elected
him to our highest office?)