19 May 2012

Uncommon Commentary #266: And Just Think: the Naming of Our Capital for Washington Was Intended to Honor Him

In a country where no one votes, there is no vote fraud; if there are no candidates for office, there are no candidates to slander their opponents.  (Further, as this past week's training session for the US House of Representatives' Democratic Caucus demonstrates, this slander doesn’t always happen spontaneously or on the politicians' initiative.  Sometimes, the Party hires a person like Maya Wiley, of something called the Center for Social Inclusion, to instruct office-seekers to bring race into debates on issues that have nothing to do with race.)  A lack of elections is typically ranked among the worst characteristics of a non-constitutional monarchy, but campaigning here in the "democratic" USA, especially that presently being carried out by the incumbent president and his myrmidons, shows that it may actually be one of the best.